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Teak Full Length Lamella Panel Stain Butcher Block Countertop in Clear 7.3 ft. L x 2.1 ft. D x 1.2 in. T

  • Product Code: 674395
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Color and size options

  • Warmth of beautiful clear-finished teak in a 86 in. length x 25.2 in. width x 1.2 in. T countertop
  • Wide (average width 3.5 in.) planks without any joints on the lengths producing a countertop that is 86.6 in. (2.2 m) long
  • Natural cracks in planks and knots allowed and filled with black putty
  • Live edges on front long side for a countertop and both long sides for a tabletop/kitchen island top
  • Oiled with Interbuild's clear hard wax oil, tested and approved for contact with foodstuff and with zero % VOC's (volatile organic compound)

Teak is species of wood. These high quality, beautiful panel are ideal for use as countertops, island tops and table tops in kitchens, restaurants, cafes and bars and can even be used in outdoor applications. These Teak panels are made from genuine Tectona Grandis grown in FSC certified plantations with full legal documentation from harvesting to transport of logs to panel production. This is the same species as the famous Burmese Teak.