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HOLGER 5 Tier Storage Shelving Tower, Acacia Wood, 53

  • Product Code: 673398
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 1+$117.99

Color and size options

  • 372x371x653mm, espresso
  • Oiled with a ZERO% VOC hard wax oil finish certified non-toxic by EN71-P3 and REACH which has nothing harmful to your health
  • Easy assembly, can be used for various purposes

HOLGER - the story The HOLGER series was born about 10 years ago when XXXX asked us to develop a "fit-on-the-back variant" of their MOLGER bathroom shelf with 5 shelves. They had problems with a competitor in Germany who was fighting with the price of a similar shelf. '' Take care of your back '' in XXXX language means an article that you can produce if you are exposed to competition in an article in a market. A slightly cheaper product that you can beat out bouncy competitors with for a certain period of time to defend the low-price image and not soil the original article with price reductions. We then developed our HOLGER shelf with 5 shelves and received an XXXX order for 150,000 pieces as well as an order soon for 50,000 Holger benches and 50,000 Holger kitchen ladders / pallets. XXXX then sold them under the name SKOGHALL shelf, bench, deck tiles, etc. The basic material we chose was simple. All products were made of 2 different profiles 27x27 mm and 27x8 mm. This is how we still have it today and many articles with those profiles were developed over the years into the wide range of HOLGER we have today. We have reinforced some items by replacing shelves in shelves with finger-jointed boards. When we produced these XXXX orders, there was a lot of short pieces of the 27x8 mm profile as waste. We figured it out a bit and realized that we could make deck tiles out of these and our deck tiles box CAMP 20 was born. XXXX bought 10 million pieces and we have made many millions more since then to various markets. Today, probably the largest bestseller in deck tiles in the world, at the top of all e-retailers. So the waste from Holger became a deck tiles !! After a while we did not have enough waste and had to use ordinary wood for the deck tiles instead.