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About Us

Company Information



WILMINGTON, New Castle, DE 19810,



Tel: +1 647 457 6011


Our great interest in home, interior design and outdoor environment has for many years made us a world-leading supplier of solid countertops, solid wood floors, outdoor furniture and balcony furniture in acacia, among other things, with a fine finish and great detail work.

Interbuild Distribution is part of a  group of companies with Swedish roots that since 1995 are engaged in the design, development, purchase and sale of various solid wood products around the world. Interbuild Global Distribution Limited is the sole owner of all the Interbuild Distribution companies.

Our Founder / Chairman, (Chairman as he is a racker on chairs) held high positions in XXXX Purchasing globally for 15 years before he moved home and started Interbuild in Sweden in 1995. His knowledge of XXXX resulted in a unique cooperation agreement XXXX-Interbuild during a number of years, where several of INTERBUILD's current products were developed by Interbuild to be sold by XXXX for a limited time as a complement to their existing items.

Interbuild Distribution is responsible for sales in Australia and New Zealand. We stock our range in our own warehouses partly in Melbourne.

We have other Distribution Companies with their own warehouses which, among other things. sells on Amazon in Turkey, Sweden, USA and Canada. E-commerce is growing very fast, but so are our sales of full containers to DIY stores and other retailers.

Our largest markets are Australia, USA and Canada where we supply to very large retailers such as Home Depot, Home Hardware, Walmart, Bunnings etc.

Sustainability is a prerequisite for everything we do and is something we take very seriously. Everything from how the trees are planted, to the production, to how all our customers will be able to use the products for a long time, etc ..

Our unique range is produced in us, selected and secured factories. Our constant presence in production guarantees high quality and finish. All in solid wood and from cultivated plantations certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which is an independent, international member organization that works for an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable use of the world's forests.

In addition to FSC-certified, we are also ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA 8000 certified.

Interbuild is also a member of SEDEX International, which is a system for following up all our subcontractors and that we ourselves live up to internationally set requirements regarding employees' rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.

Largest in the world on solid countertops

We are the world's largest supplier of solid ACACIA hardwood countertops from FSC certified forests.

We also offer our worktops adapted for Swedish kitchens in KARRI, a tree in the eucalyptus family, very hard with a beautiful reddish tone that only gets more beautiful with age. This tree species originating in Australia is the world's second tallest tree with a height of up to 82 meters.

Our boards in light HEVEA Brasiliensis (rubberwood), untreated, have the same properties as beech but are more similar to birch with their whiteness.

In Germany and North America, our boards in SENNA SIAMEA have become a success after we introduced them in 2018. SENNA is a shade tree at various plantations and a common tree species along the roads in Southeast Asia. It has heartwood that is almost black and its sapwood turns nicely yellow when you oil it. We sell it with wide slats and a few longitudinal joints, which gives a harmonious expression.

Our boards in EK are offered in 4 different, unique expressions ranging from strongly rustic, wide rods in full length with black fillings of cracks, to classic light finger-jointed beige, completely twigs and without colour deviations for the slats. In addition, 2 finger-jointed variants in between. All so that we will take care of all the wood in the logs and thereby achieve a better price picture for our customers and end-users.

In October 2020, we launched solid, FSC-certified genuine Tectona Grandis TEAK as countertops and tabletops in North America, Australia and Europe. This is the same type of wood as Burma teak, but legally grown in plantations in Central America.

Today, there is a minimal supply of TEAK worktops in the market and our large capacity for production of these will change the worktop market. We offer TEAK boards with wide full-length slats with cracks filled with black putty and with unedged edges and classic finger-jointed TEAK worktops with a straight edge. Both variants oiled with our own ZERO% VOC Hard Wax Oil also tested and approved for contact with food. Which gives the discs its golden lustre.

In February 2021, we will launch genuine HONDURAS MAHOGANY (Swietenia macrophylla) worktops, also those with FSC and from FSC-certified plantations/forests. Honduras Mahogany is today blacklisted by CITES with origins in Honduras and we will be unique with countertops in this type of wood.

Everything above is hardwood, but we also sell large quantities of Radiata pine shelves, especially sawn logs so that the appearance is striped.

5-year warranty on our Deck tiles

Made from plantation grown AKAZIA MANGIUM (hardwood) and oiled in a velvety finish that is simple and easy to apply. Trall with a unique filigree design and proven construction with 20 short ribs per Trallruta and click/lock function. Can be easily disassembled and clicked back again. Oiled with our own environmentally friendly and food safe ZERO% VOC Hard Wax Oil. The height is only 15 mm and fits easily under any patio door. The plastic net construction means that water is easily drained away under the windows. The Akacia we use has inherent oils in the wood in the same way as teak and has very good weather-resistant properties that are reflected in our guarantee. There are about 2000 different species of Acacia on our earth and only a few can be used outdoors. Others are suitable for indoor use such as floors and furniture.

Offered in 4 different colours that match our garden furniture.

Warranty: We uniquely offer a 5-year warranty on our plates, even on plastic nets made of PPCO2, the same material that is used for bumpers for cars, among other things. To get that cozy and warm feeling outdoors, our tiles are a must on every balcony, terrace, pool deck or patio.

Maintenance: The tiles come oiled and can be used immediately outdoors. Should you leave them outdoors during the winter, we suggest that you clean them before the snow comes, let them dry in the sunshine and give them a treatment with our hard wax oil. Likewise in the spring, cleaning and oil will make them look like new and you can enjoy them with the fresh look for many years to come

Solid floors and garden furniture

In Sweden, we market our unique Solid wood flooring in Akacia, MEGAPLANK, and our self-designed Balcony & Garden furniture directly to you as a consumer and to retailers in Europe.

Best quality at the best price

We have many years of experience in manufacturing wooden furniture and deliver to most of the world's continents. With us, you will find self-designed furniture, floors, outdoor furniture and garden furniture of the best quality. Take advantage of our range at fantastic prices in a simple, easy-to-navigate webshop. We think it should be easy to shop online!