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Welcome to our CLUB!!!

What it is about

By joining and sharing your email address, you will get various advantages like
  • discounts on this website as below
  • Newsletter from us about various product developments
  • Notices when new products are launched
  • Participation in Cooking classes online in real time with some famous Chef's
  • Design Trend News
  • Various competitions and more
We are now in a start-up phase with the Club and please give us some time to develop the advantages.
Please feel free to come up with ideas on what you think can be interesting for our Members.
Just send an email to with suggestions. Good ideas will be rewarded!

The Members Discount system

All members do get a basic 2% Discount and additional Discounts as below.

Getting Discount Gold Bars

For every USD 250 equivalent incl VAT spent, you get 1 ‘Interbuild Gold Bar’. Special Discount Golen Bars possible to earn as per offers from time to time
1 Interbuild Gold Bar = 1% OFF discount

Using Gold Bars on next Purchase

Last Purchase value Gives Extra Discount Including 2% Basic
$250 1 X 3%
$500 2 X 4%
. . .
. . .
. . .
$3000 12 X 14%
$3250 13 X 15%

No other potential Promotion Discounts valid together with the scheme

The maximum Interbuild Gold Bars you could use in one order is 15.

If you get more than 15 Interbuild Gold Bars, they will be in your ‘Waiting to use Gold Bars’

When joining our Club, you will have your own Portal in our club Member system where you all the time can see your historical transactions with us and how many ‘Interbuild Gold Bars’ you have to spend.

‘Interbuild Gold Bars’ are earned in intervals of USD 250 purchases. I.e. you can collect two ‘Interbuild Gold Bar’ by that you one day are buying for USD 300 from us (You get your first ‘Interbuild Gold Bar’ and then buying for USD 200 a few days later and then getting your second ‘Interbuild Gold Bar’. In your Portal, you will see how your different purchase are converted also from your local currency to USD which use as the base calculation.

By joining our Club, you accept that we keep your email address and that we might send you various offers and information of a promotional nature, about 3 times per month.

In each such email from us, there will be an UNSUBSCRIBE function, should you not want to be a Member anymore.

Purchase & delivery terms

Terms of purchase & delivery

You always shop safely at INTERBUILD. You have guarantees on the products, you can regret your purchase if it goes wrong, and you pay in the way that suits you best. You can, for example, pay in installments, or pay in arrears for what you order.


Your purchase with us

When you shop with us, you can either take the goods with you directly from a warehouse sale if you went there or have them delivered to your home or to an agent. You shop easily by ordering at While you are waiting for your goods, you can follow your order via our portal for customers at Remember to save your proof of purchase in connection with your purchase. If you want to cancel your order, you must do so within 24 hours. If delivered within 4 days, it is not possible to cancel your order as it has already been picked up and is on its way to you.



The carrier will contact you before delivery. In the event of a delivery delay, INTERBUILD will notify you. When delivering to addresses with road barriers, you as a customer are responsible for ensuring that the barrier key is available. Extra transport days and costs may apply when delivering to an island.


It is important that you prepare for delivery

Your responsibility as a customer is to:

  • Remember to keep your distance and that the recipient must be free from cold symptoms so that the delivery can be carried in. If this is not the case, the carrier may refuse to carry the delivery.
  • Prepare a clear path to and into your home / premises so that the goods can easily be left at a specified place.
  • Ensure that your delivery can be carried in without risk of damaging goods, person or your property.
  • Make sure you can receive the delivery when it arrives.
  • Ensure that your floors are properly protected on delivery, all the way to the designated place. If your floors are not protected and damage occurs, INTERBUILD will refer you to your own insurance company.
  • Upon delivery, you as a customer must present identification and the bidder shows their identification.


INTERBUILD reserves the right to assess whether delivery can take place without risk of damage to person, goods or property. If delivery can not be carried out due to obstacles in you, INTERBUILD will return the delivery. For a new delivery, you will be charged SEK 750 in addition to the original shipping cost.

Upon delivery, no later than 7 days after you have received the goods, check that you have received the right products and the right number and that the products are intact. If you discover damage to a product, incorrect product or quantity, contact INTERBUILD's Customer Service as soon as possible.



When your order has arrived at the chosen agent, an SMS or a notice will be sent to you. If you choose not to pick up your package, the shipping cost will not be refunded to you.

If you have chosen to have your postal package delivered to the address specified by you, you will receive an SMS / e-mail when the delivery is on its way. You can make your delivery choices via the message or PostNord's recipient app. If you as a customer choose delivery to take place even if you are not at home, PostNord's liability for damages ceases when delivery has taken place in the specified manner.

Force Majeure

In the event of government action or failure, new legislation, labor law conflict, war or danger of war, major disturbance of public order, sabotage, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accidents or other circumstances beyond INTERBUILD's control and which INTERBUILD could not reasonably or , INTERBUILD has the right to waive its obligations under this agreement. In such an event, INTERBUILD is not liable for damages in the event of damage that you have had.


Right of withdrawal for 14 days at distance purchase

When ordering by phone or via the Internet, you as a customer always have a right of withdrawal for 14 days. The time is calculated from the day you received the item. In order to be able to exercise the right of withdrawal, you need to be able to show that you have regretted within this time period and notified INTERBUILD of this.

If you regret it, you can email INTERBUILD's Customer Service.

Request case number / receipt / return shipping note if you leave the item directly to our warehouse or carrier.

INTERBUILD needs to register your use of the right of withdrawal before the return can be picked up / returned, it is therefore not possible to return goods directly at the time of delivery.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, you as a customer are responsible for the return shipping cost. Refunds will be made as soon as possible and no later than 14 days from the time the item has been returned or from the day you show that you have returned the item. Upon return of part of order, delivery cost is not refunded.



In the event of a complaint, the product must always be returned to INTERBUILD unless otherwise agreed. In cases where you can not arrange the return yourself, contact INTERBUILD Customer Service and we will help you.

The return must be received by us as soon as possible after you discover that there is something wrong with the product. Remember to pack the goods well, as you are responsible for the transport to us.

If you want to review your case with an impartial actor, you can turn to the consumer counselor in your municipality. If INTERBUILD has opposed your claim, you as a consumer may have the right to have the dispute tried by the General Complaints Board, Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm or

INTERBUILD will be involved in a possible dispute resolution procedure.

For alternative dispute resolution online for cross-border purchases, there is also the European Commission's platform for alternative dispute resolution. More information is also available at Consumer Europe, part of the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Cost for return shipping

If you want to return your purchase or if you have not received your delivery, INTERBUILD will charge you for the return shipping.

Refund on return

Refund to you is made in the same way as the payment at the time of purchase. Unless otherwise agreed.

Uncollected mail package

Orders with delivery methods for postal packages that are not picked up within 14 days are returned to INTERBUILD. If the order is not covered by the Distance Contracts Act, you as a customer are responsible for return shipping of SEK 69.

Uncollected order - Pick up at delivery point

When you have chosen to pick up at the delivery point, you will receive a reminder if you have not picked up your goods after 2 days. In the absence of collection, INTERBUILD will return your goods. In the event of an uncollected shipment, you as a customer are responsible for the return shipping cost.