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For who?
We are looking for Influencers on Social Media that have more than 5000 followers.
You are interested in and you share your opinions about, among other things,
You are aware of that you have a unique talent to attract interest from your Followers and seek Year Round opportunities to generate revenue from your talent, in an ethically correct way, at minimal efforts for you. You have a good business sense, grabbing opportunities as they come and you have a company, small or big, that you can use for invoicing your commissions / earnings.

What to do?

DIY products, Indoor-, Garden-, Balcony furniture, Deck Tiles, Solid Wood Flooring, Shiplap Wall Panels, Solid Wood Kitchen Worktops / Countertops / Table tops / Kitchen Islands / Shelving and Kitchen Carts

What more?

Who we are!
We are a 25 year young World Class company having unique designs within the areas you are interested in, over the years sold to very big Retailers !
Like IKEA, Home Depot, Walmart, Bauhaus, Costco, Wickes, Homebase and more.

How it works
When joining us, you will get signed up in our Affiliate Register, getting your unique USER CODE being your Social Media ID and you will select a Password. You can change your User Code and Password later if you want.

You then pick an article of ours and present it to your followers on your normal platforms with your story and pictures. In there you refer to that your followers will get a 10 % discount on any of Interbuild's articles if they use your VALUE CODE, or just click a link on your post and they will get onto our site, with your value code already registered for them.
You can use your own pictures/videos or select product images from our extensive Picture Library to enforce the message.

You then add a hyperlink given by us to your presentation which either can take your followers directly to the product you present on our page, after landing on your welcome screen as above, or to the front page of ours, showing our wide variety of products for your followers to select from.

As and when your followers make a purchase, filling in your VALUE CODE, they will see the 10 % discount deducted before they finalize their purchase.

As soon as they paid, you will see on your User Screen that our system registered a commission, say USD 50,00 that you have earned on this purchase and will get from us.

At the end of a month, you will get an email from our system, listing all purchases that has generated commission for your VALUE CODE during last month and the summary. Say USD 6000 for the month, which we ask you to create and send us an invoice for by clicking a link. The value of potential returns will have been deducted in the summary.
You will have the money in your bank account within a week from sending us your invoice.

For Integrity Legal reasons, we can only share the Postcode of your followers and not names and addresses.
You still of course can check that our systems works by asking someone to make a purchase and tell you when done.
You then immediately can see their Post Code on your User page.

This is how your USER SCREEN in our system will look like after logging in:

Why a Commission on Sales is better than a Lump Sum!
When getting a Lump Sum, that is what you get whatever revenue that your message has been generating for the one paying you.

With our Commission system and with our Concept, your VALUE CODE is alive all the time and you easily can remind your followers and add more stories whenever you feel sales is going down. And the Sky is the limit, you may earn lots more than cashing in on odd lump sums.

With our Community of Influencers growing all over the World, you do not need to invent stories and promotions yourself all the time. Share what others did successfully and add your twist and content to the story. What had a good response in San Diego will for sure generate sales in Paris!

Our Products are selling all the year around with peaks for Garden furniture and other articles as per the seasons.

With us it is not just 1 odd event! It just goes on and on, month after month!

Commission earning levels
We have a policy of that those who generate most sales should have the highest earning percentage.
We offer commissions as follows:

For the first month, you will get a 10 % commission on sales generated by you and then:

If foregoing month reached > USD 20.000 a 12 % commission for this month
If foregoing month reached USD 10.000 to USD 20.000 a 10 % commission for this month
If foregoing month reached USD 5.000 to USD 10.000 a 8 % commission for this month
If foregoing month reached < USD 5.000 a 5 % commission for this month

The levels above are based on sales excluding VAT.

Should your company be registered for VAT, you then add it in your invoice stating your VAT number.

You apply for being an Affiliate for our site here:
(Conditions for joining and continuing as an Affiliate applies)

Welcome to join the Interbuild Affiliate Community!

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